Thoughts on Practicing:

While our professional title can be as Lic.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturis), AP (Acupuncture Physician), DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), and D.Ac. (Doctor of Acupuncture) depending on where one practices, my practice, as that of most acupuncturists, includes other branches of a tree that collectively is known as Chinese Medicine (CM).   These branches include, bodywork, herbal medicine, meditative practices, therapeutic exercises, and acupuncture.

Being skilled in these various aspects of CM takes a lifetime of practice and dedication. It is no wonder that we think of “practicing medicine”, since only through daily involvement in these arts can one aspire to any level of high accomplishment.

Equally important to a solid grasp of the principles that guide Chinese medicine practice, is the understanding of the variables that play a role in the cause of disease and pain in today’s society. Much has changed since the early days of Chinese medicine and today’s practitioners need to be able  to effectively utilize ancient medicine in the treatment of modern day disorders. Most of which, are brought on by sedentary lifestyle, pesticides, antibiotics, and perhaps the biggest culprit of all, a poor diet.

Stress is not on your list, you say. That’s right. while stress is definitely at the root of many disorders, we must keep in mind that its presence has been around ever since man first stepped out of the cave. The difference is, that when our ancestors returned to the cave, the worries of the open field were left outside. But not today. We conduct business during dinner, deals are made in the golf course, and the bedroom is not longer a place for intimate communion and rest.

My practice of CM then, after over 20 years of experience, has been shaped by my observations and studies of human behavior and its relation to the chief complaints my patients present. And in an effort to be of help, I incorporate the branches I spoke of above, bodywork, herbal medicine, meditative practices, therapeutic exercises, and acupuncture along with my studies in psychology, NLP, and exercise physiology..

Fernando Bernall, Ap

Saint Augustine, FL