The Three Environments

I base my entire practice on the idea that the human body wants to gravitate towards a state of good health. Male, female, rich, poor, black, white. It makes no difference. Good health is the heritage for all mankind.

If the above is true, then how come there are so many people sick? I don’t know. No doubt some folks have just been dealt a bad deck of cards. I know that does not sound good in light of my opening statement. What else can I say?

But the majority of sicknesses can be reversed and conquered. Of this I have no doubt and what is necessary is to create an environment upon which the body can thrive. In fact, I’ve come to identify three environments that need to be present in order to cultivate and maintain good health.

The Mind

The first of these environments is the mental one.. Most conditions, in my opinion are propagated through a less than desirable mental state of being.. Often times, this mental state is fed by the words we use. For example, often patients talk about “their” pain, or “my” headaches, and so on. This is very common in the elderly population. Sometimes, pain or illness is the only thing that gets them attention. It brings that nice doctor around and keeps the kids coming around on the weekends. And without knowing it, the mind goes about keeping the affliction around.. It serves a purpose. Or so we think.

I also think that many mental attitudes have been planted in our subconscious by our doctor. I can’t tell you how many times patients have told me their MD said that they would “have to learn to live with this or that condition”. Any doctor who tells a patient that they have to learn to live with any physical infirmity is programming the patient’s mind for long term affliction.

The subconscious mind interprets that if that affliction is removed, the body will die and thus it needs to do anything to keep that problem around in order to stay alive. “I have to learn to LIVE with THIS or else I WILL DIE”. The words we speak to our patients are very powerful and they can make a big difference on whether healing takes place or not.

The mental environment is also a victim of what I like to call “the family history syndrome”. My mother had it, my sister died from it, my father got and so did his father and my brother was just got diagnosed with it and so I must get it too! Sounds familiar? Now, I’m not so ignorant as to not understand the role of genetics. But for crying out loud! let’s not buy into this idea that “I” must also “GET IT”! This is self-sabotage and self prophesy of doom! Yes, I may also come down with this or that just like my father did. But I’m not going to torture my mind into a state of anxiety and wait for the big C to come knocking on my door.

The Viscera

The second environment is our organic state of being. By this I’m referring to our actual organs. The liver, heart, kidney, intestines, stomach and so on. We should first and foremost understand that *we* do not *own* our organs.. In other words, I don’t have a liver, or heart, kidney and so on. I AM these organs.. I am a liver, a kidney, a heart. Our emotions, thoughts, desires, wishes and everything that defines my personality is deeply embedded within the smallest fibers of the organs.

Organ transplants have demonstrated my point. Many organ transplant recipients have developed habits, appetites and memories which were not present before acquiring the new organ or tissue. Here’s link to and article by Dr. Paul Pearsall, who after performing numerous heart transplants has come to identify the phenomena of Cellular Memory.

It becomes evident then, that our memories, habits, appetites and other characteristic of each individual become engraved on the tissues of our body. This also underscores the importance that Chinese medicine places on the organs and the emotions.. In Chinese medicine each organ system has an emotion associated with it. For example, the Liver’s emotion is anger. Sadness for the Lungs while fear is for the kidneys.. Worry and over-thinking affects the stomach and spleen. The primary causes for organ dysfunction, Chinese medicine teaches, are the emotions.

Thus, the organic environment for a healthy body is preceded by a balanced mental environment. Taking pills for blood pressure, high liver enzymes or viral loads, kidney failure or excessive acidity in the stomach is only benefiting the pharmaceutical companies as long as the mental state continues to be in chaos.

Assuming the mental condition is being address through meditation, prayer, hypnosis, counseling or by whatever means available, the organic milieu can be brought to balance by various means depending on which part of ME is deficient. This can be accomplished through diet, herbal medicine, organ massage, orthomolecular medicine and exercise, and in serious cases, the use of pharmaceuticals.

Our Surroundings

The last environment I’ve come to identify is the physical. By this I mean our surroundings. Our home, office, car, hygiene, friends, noise, pollution and any other tangible, structural, visible, audible, aromatic item within our senses. This last one is perhaps the easiest to control. However, one can live in a beautiful place, listen to classical music or jazz, have a lovely garden and great view of the ocean or live in a riverfront property, but if the two environments above are neglected, we only have a nice place to be miserable in..

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