Substance Abuse Protocol

Auricular Acupuncture, has proven to be an excellent adjunct for chemical dependent detoxification and rehabilitation. Ongoing research continues to indicate that acupuncture, when frequently administered, helps patients in the healing process. This Auricular Acupuncture protocol for the treatment of substance abuse, is offered free of charge to any facility that is interested in implementing it into their existing program as an adjunctive modality that is effective and cost efficient. It is meant to blend with current conventional treatments.

I created and implemented this program at Net Counseling Services in Wilmington, Delaware, while I lived there, and it is based on my postgraduate education at Lincoln Recovery Center in the South Bronx, NY. For more information see article on

Please note that in the state of Florida, only licensed acupuncturists are allowed to implement this protocol. Other states may have different statutes or rules.

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