Skype Consultations

Ever wondered whether acupuncture could help a chronic or acute condition? Interested in acupuncture but not sure if it will help? Concerned that after a number of treatments and out-of-pocket expense, your condition may not improve at all? If these questions have been on your mind and kept you from trying acupuncture, I am here to help.

My role in the Skype consultations can be viewed as that of a consultant. I have no intention of offering a diagnosis through Skype since an accurate diagnosis can only be made when seeing the patient face to face. However, there’s enough information that can be gathered through an online system such as Skype that I feel comfortable offering my opinion on whether acupuncture can help or not.

The skype consultation lasts around 25 minutes or less. I charge a modest fee of $25.00 for my time. If you live in St. Johns County or surrounding area, and you come to my practice, I will apply the fee to your initial consultation.

How It Works

First step is to chose a date from the calendar. Then on the right panel chose the time for the consultation. Next, fill in the required information such as name, etc. Last confirm your order and make payment through PayPal.

After payment has been accepted by PayPal, you will redirected back to this page with a message stating that your booking has been confirmed. Follow up emails will sent and time confirmed.

There is a video below the calendar that I’ve created to help explain the process better..

Again, if you are in Saint Augustine, and wish to see me as your practitioner, I will apply the Skype consultation fee to your initial consultation payment.

NOTE: All Skype consultations are on EST, please schedule accordingly.

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