As healthcare practitioners we are always seeking ways to better serve you. Your trust in our services is important and a driving force for continuing our education. Below is a brief list of the services and techniques we currently offer for the conditions we treat:


Functional Medicine

B12 Injections

Traumeel and Zeel Homeopathic Injections for pain and inflammation

AcuOzone Regenerative Therapy – Acupoint injection therapy followed with regenerative Ozone Sterilization for the treatment of chronic joint pain. Also known as Prolozone. Learn more about Prolozone

Motor Point Acupuncture = Orthopedic style of acupuncture that releases inhibited muscles.

Dry Needling Acupuncture – Trigger Point Therapy


Microcurrent therapy for pain, neuropathy and low energy

Cosmetic acupuncture = AcuRejuvenation™- A holistic protocol for facial rejuvenation that includes, microcurrent facelift, LED Light Therapy, acupuncture, microneedling and herbal prescriptions. Services offered by Dr. Bernall and his wife, Beth Meyers, LMT, LE, Learn more about it on her website at

Tui Na 



Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Infrared heat

Qi Gong

Chinese Herbs

Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

CBD oil and creams

Lab work (blood analysis, hormone testing, stool testing, hair analysis, organic acids testing)