Order Your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) with a Consult Today!

How do I order my Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) lab workup and report?

Ordering your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is simple. Call our clinic and set up an appointment  at 904-806-7123.

Can I order my FBCA over the phone or email?

No. while there are many practitioner who offer this service online, Dr. Bernall, as practitioner of Chinese medicine and Functional medicine,  believes that visual contact with his patients is important for better assessment of the patient’s overall condition. Tone of voice, mannerism, gait, posture, and many other characteristics each individual presents, serve as a guide for further consideration as to which additional biomarkers to include in your personalized lab workup. Would you want it any other way?

We also ask you to fill out a form that will give us a better indication of which labs to order for you as an individual. Functional medicine and Chinese medicine are not “cookie cutter medicine”. In other words, one size does not fit all. Call to  schedule your initial session with Dr. Bernall today.

I have a recent lab workup from my doctor. Can you use it for my FBCA report?

It depends on several factors. 1. How recent the lab workup is. We prefer results not older than 3 months.  2. Which biomarkers were tested. Often, critical biomarkers are not tested because the patient did not displayed symptoms that would merit testing for a particular biomarker. This is due in part to the diagnosis from your doctor, insurance coverage and also the specialty of the physician. A cardiologist may not be interested in your total proteins levels. Total cholesterol, however, may be on top in his/her list.

A FBCA lab workup is very comprehensive. The idea is to identify trends in our biochemistry towards disfunction before the symptoms appear. Once symptoms are manifested, is like sharpening our weapons when the enemy is already upon us (an old Chinese proverb). So it may be necessary to order additional lab workup in order to get a better picture of your chemistry and to identify borderline biomarkers often considered to be in  “normal” range.

What do you mean by “biomarker”?

The general definition of a biomarker is a measurable substance in an organism whose presence is indicative of some phenomenon such as disease, infection, or environmental exposure. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3078627/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biomarker This definition, however seems to imply that biomarkers are negative results that point to disease. This is partially true. If the physician suspects the patient is suffering with diabetes, for example, then fasting glucose and fasting insulin would be two of several biomarkers that could be in pathological/disease range. However, the patient’s biomarkers for the presence of anemia, might be where they should be in the optimal range. Like traffic lights, biomarkers tells us how to proceed. 

Does my insurance cover FBCA?

It may and it may not. Your FBCA is not ordered based on a diagnosis. The purpose of this report is to put you in charge of your biochemistry through knowledge. To see if all your systems are working optimally based on your gender and age. And, if there are deficiencies, to have the tools through nutrition, lifestyle, stress management and possible supplements to bring your systems back to proper functioning.  And, in cases where biomarkers are way out of range, to work with your primary care provider for solutions such as pharmaceuticals. There is a time and place for conventional medications. We will gladly give you a receipt with the codes necessary for insurance coverage. If your insurance accept them, they will reimburse you directly.

How much is this going to cost?

The total cost including initial visit/intake, and lab workup, is $647.00. This would run over $1000.00 if you were to walk-in to a laboratory on your own.  There’s an additional $90.00 office or online visit for the report of findings session during which nutritional and supplemental suggestions are offered. You are not obligated to buy supplements from us. When signing up for our Wellness Program, the blood work drops to $447.00. A $200.00 savings.

Do you do the lab workup in your office?

No. All lab workup is done at LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. We are notified of the results at which time we contact you and set up a report of findings session.

Please keep in mind that this lab workup, report of findings and consultations are not meant to diagnose any disorders. It is for educational purposes. It is only a way to assess the levels of various biomarkers and see if they are within optimal levels. Medical diagnosis are the domain of your primary care provider or of the specialists to which you may be referred. You should always check  the opinion of your primary care provider or specialist regarding any supplements, herbal, or nutritional recommendations that we may suggest. And feel free to take this lab results to your doctor for his/her professional medical opinion.