You Are As Young As Your Joints!

In this mini-course you will learn a series of gentle exercises that will, with regular practice, restore range of motion and help to reduce joint stiffness. You will learn to identify posture and breathing habits that can lead to back pain and increase anxiety. a sense of vitality and youthful appearance.

The Practice of The SpiralFlow Method Of Joint Mobility Will With Regular Practice Yield The following Benefits

Unlock the principles of proper body alignments, thus reducing the effects of the earth's gravity on our joints. Learn to use your body as a whole unit and not as individual components.

Increase breathing capacity and oxygen delivery to the cells through proper breathing methods such as abdominal breathing. Deep slow breathing also yields a sense of relaxation and well-being.

You will improve balance. The fear of falling is one of the most devastating symptoms to people of all ages. Regain your freedom. And, you will also improve in coordination.

Reduce inflammation through movement. There's plenty of research on the lowering effect of exercise on joint inflammation and pain reduction. Start Today!

Ready To Get Going?


Recorded nearly 18 years ago, the SpiralFlow Method Of Joint Mobility continues to be included in my private practice and shared with my students and patients. It is now available to you for free for a limited time. Join today!


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