Microcurrent Therapy & LED Light Therapy – A Synergistic Model

Microcurrent resonates with the body’s own electrical properties. It increases the body’s own ATP by 500%. It decreases inflammation, promotes blood flow. In the clinic, it is applied in various forms. 1) with self adhesive electrodes applied on the skin. 2) with acupuncture. The leads are attached to the needles leading to electroacupuncture. Which approach we use depends on the area being treated and with the patient’s comfort level with needles.

Microcurrent differs from TENS units in that the level of current is sub-sensory. It is one millionth of an amp. TENS units yield one thousandth of an amp and often causes muscle twitch. Microcurrent does not cause muscle contraction. Instead, it mimics the body’s own level of current leading to physiological events that promote healing.

LED Light Therapy promotes circulation. Like microcurrent, it increases ATP, boosting cellular energy. It reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen and tissue repair.
The synergistic effect of these two therapies accelerates the healing process. Like the sun, light penetrates into the body at a depth dependent on its wavelength. Once inside the skin, it brings on a cascade of biochemical substances that promote microcirculation.

The benefits of LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent therapy go way beyond its positive effects on pain. Current research suggests that both therapies are an excellent choice in the treatment of skin conditions, peripheral neuropathy and in the treatment of infections. 

Both of these modalities are used in our clinic for cosmetic purposes such as facial rejuvenation, and in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.