Fitness Coaching

Currently I’m offering one-on-one personal training using a system I created which I call DaoNamics™.  The initial interview is free and it is held my studio. During the interview we’ll discuss your goals, fitness background, equipment available at home and fees for my services.

Once you’ve made a commitment to fitness, the next step is to do pre-program testing. This session is separate from the the actual training time and it is included in any of the packages below at no extra charge. Please allow at least one hour for fitness testing.  All programs include nutritional recommendations and clients are encouraged to keep a food log for the first two weeks into the program.

As in my medical practice, I expect to see results with my personal training clients. I give you a 100% commitment and attention and expect the same from you.

The Programs

  1. Per session $120.00 lasting 1 hr. For advanced athletes only.

Pre-paid Packages

  1. 4 Weeks 3 sessions per week = 12 sessions at $70.00/hr Prepaid $840.00. ( a $1,440.00 value)
  2. 6 Weeks 3 sessions per week = 18 sessions at $60.00/hr. Prepaid $1,080.00 (a $2,160.00 value)
  3. 9 Weeks 3 sessions per week = 27 sessions at $50.00/hr. Prepaid $1350.00 (a 2160 value)
  4. 12 Weeks 3 sessions per week = 36 sessions at $45.00/hr. Prepaid $1620.00 (a 4,320.00 value)

Cancellation Policy

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise that session will be forfeited. Alternatively, a cancellation under 24 hours may be rescheduled at an available time in the same week. If there are no available times in that week the session will remain forfeited.  Please be on time to the sessions.