Fertility Support

pregnant As many of my acupuncture patients in St. Augustine know, I have had the pleasure and honor of helping many couples conceive, both through a natural cycle, and through offering support for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Treating infertility has been a focus in my career even during my internship at FITCM where I received my Chinese medicine training during the early 90’s.

I have decided to put more energy on this aspect of my practice and will gradually be adding more information on how Chinese medicine and related modalities such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, herbs, and bodywork, can create an environment in which ladies that are still within their genetic potential to bear children, can do so with the help of natural methods.

There is an abundant amount of research that indicates the usefulness of Chinese medicine when used as a stand alone method or as an adjunct to ART methods for fertility issues. It is an ongoing and fascinating field of study that seems to be gaining more acceptance within the treatment of infertility field.

Please feel free to contact me should you, or someone you know has been trying to conceive without success and seeks support from complimentary medicine.

I thank you!

Fernando Bernall, DOM, AP