Fee Schedule effective January 1st, 2021




Initial Acupuncture consultation/evaluation and treatment.



Acupuncture Follow up.


Package of 10 for $800.00 

Initial Functional Medicine consultation 


Please allow 90 minutes. 

Functional Medicine Follow up. 


Please allow 45-60 minutes

Blood Lab Workup with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Initial intake plus follow up 60 minutes consult with full report of findings. (Written report and nutritional consultation included). $447.00  
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report of Findings

Initial Pain Injections 


Without Acupuncture 

Pain Injections follow up 


Without acupuncture

Pain Injections


With Acupuncture

Initial Vitamin B-12 Injections Methylcobalamin (B-12)


Per injection

Follow up Vitamin B12 injections 


Per injection Methylcobalamin (active B12)

Aucupoint Injection with Ozone Sterilization


Per region

Initial Nasal Ozone Insufflation Acute/Chronic Sinusitis Treatment


45 minutes. Package of 10 for $700.00.  $50.00 if also receiving acupuncture.

Ozone Turbo Shot Chronic Sinus congestion Treatment. Sinus cavities ozone flush.


$40.00 with acupuncture

Ear Ozone Insufflation 5 to 10 minutes


Per session. Package of  10 for $350. Package of  5 for $200

AcuRejuvenation – Cosmetic Acupuncture including Infrared light & micro-current protocol of 10 sessions. Please ask for details.


 Per session or prepaid package of 10 sessions for $1,300.00

Alpha-Stim therapy for anxiety, insomnia, and depression


 $35.00 with acupuncture. Package of 10 sessions for $600.00