The Migrating Motor Complex

The Migrating Motor Complex’s main function is to sweep the small intestine of undigested food, bacteria and any left overs of digestion. It is initiated around every 90 minutes during the fasted state and it is interrupted by eating.

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Part VII

Part VII wraps it up with plenty of food for thought. There’s no need to continue suffering with digestive problems.. The Optimal Digestion Blueprint is available by just making a free discovery call.

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Part VI

Part VI – The 3rd discovery: The Blood Doesn’t Lie. Learn the difference between food allergies, food intolerance, and food sensitivities, & how a sample of blood from a finger prick identifies offending foods in our diet.

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Part IV

Part IV we learn about the first of three discoveries: The Poop does not Lie; the role of the large intestine, plus the hidden secrets a stool test reveals

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Part III

Part III, Fernando Shares the circumstances that led to his own digestive struggles and how he discovered a solution.

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Part II

In Part II we learn the meaning and difference between the microbiota and microbiome and the role they play in our immune system and health.

Optimal Digestion Blueprint Masterclass – Part I

In Part I of this Masterclass, we come to grips with the problems that women who suffer with various digestive conditions face on a day to day basis.