Acupuncture Treatments Enhanced by Qi Gong and Tai Chi

In my acupuncture practice here in Saint Augustine, I have come to notice that patients who also study Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and/or Kung Fu in my school, tend to heal faster from complaints including digestive, muscular, emotional, lack of energy, and poor sleep to name just a few.

While the idea of including exercise through physical therapy as part of rehab from surgery is not new, the concept of including esoteric disciplines such as Qi Gong for non-traumatic complains is gaining wide popularity within practitioners willing to think outside the box.

In an effort to offer a holistic protocol to my patients, I have developed a treatment program that I call Acu-Sthenics™. The program offers the patient ten therapeutic sessions that includes acupuncture, bodywork, and movement therapy in the form of one or more modalities such as Qi Gong, calisthenics, Tai Chi, or kettlebells. The choice of which method to use is based on the patient’s condition, age, gender and the chief complaint for which treatment is being given.

Call our office to see if Acu-Sthenics™ is for you at: 904-806-7123 or drop by our clinic at: 88 Riberia Street Suite 350 here in St. Augustine.