Skype Consultation With Dr. Bernall


Thank you for your interest in our practice. We’ve been offering our acupuncture services to the St. Augustine area for over 15 years.


My role in the Skype consultations can be viewed as that of a consultant. I have no intention of offering a diagnosis through Skype since an accurate diagnosis can only be made when seeing the patient face to face. However, there’s enough information that can be gathered through an online system such as Skype that I feel comfortable offering my opinion on whether acupuncture can help or not.


The Skype consultation lasts around 25 minutes or less. I charge a modest fee of $25.00 for my time. If you live in St. Johns County or surrounding area, and you come to my practice, I will apply the fee to your initial consultation.


How It Works

First step is to click the “add to cart” button on the bottom of this page. Press the checkout on the cart page and fill in the required information. Please be sure to double check your email and Skype ID for accuracy.


Once payment is completed you will be redirected back to our website confirming payment and a link to our online schedule where you can select the date and time for your Skype consultation. We will request by way of Skype to add us to your contact list. This way we can contact you few minutes before our consultation..Make sure your Skype software is up and running. We will be happy to remind you of your session by way of email or your preferred method of contact.


If you must re-schedule your Skype session, please be sure to let us know at least 4 to 8 hours in advance. Please understand that if you are not available on the scheduled date and time, and fail to notify us, your session will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.


Again, if you are in Saint Augustine, and wish to follow up with an appointment after our Skype consultation, I will apply the Skype consultation fee to your initial consultation payment.


NOTE: All Skype consultations are on EST, please schedule accordingly.


I look forward to meeting you online!


Fernando Bernall, DOM
Saint Augustine, FL