Breakfast Juice

Fernando Bernall, DOM, AP Medicine

Made a wonderful fruit juice blend this morning. Since I juice for a family of four the amount of the ingredients are higher than normal. Here’s the blend:

1 Pineapple. I cut the skin as thin as I can..
4 Grapefruits. I remove the skin very superficially. You want as much of the white stuff under the citrus skin as possible. There are a lot of nutrients in this superficial layer known as the pith.
1 Lime. Peel it the same way as the grapefruit.
2 Apples to lessen the citric flavor a bit.
1 Banana. The banana does not do well in a juicer. It is better to put your juice in the blender and quickly blend the banana to it. But don’t do it for long.

It was awesome. The boys loved it.

Happy juicing!!