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When experience matters, we are your trusted source for effective healthcare. We specialize in treating acute and chronic conditions and rely on the modern understanding of systems biology as seen from a nutritional and functional medicine perspective.

We have also invested considerable time, study and practice to modern day acupuncture techniques based on the latest advances in pain sciences including motor point acupuncture, dry needling, Acu-point injection therapy, Ozone Therapy, LED Light Therapy, Electroacupuncture and microcurrent stimulation.

Fernando Bernall, DOM

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Within his clinical experience of nearly 30 years, Dr. Bernall has aquired hands-on skills, and diagnostic insights that help him deliver individualized care to the diverse patients in the Saint Augustine area.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to healthcare that views the body as a system of interrelated and mutually dependent ...
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Orthopaedic Acupuncture

Orthopaedic Acupuncture

Orthopaedic acupuncture is a treatment approach to pain or muscular disfunction that is based on a thorough knowledge of neuromuscular ...
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Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Today, when one speaks of Chinese Medicine, the reference is made to a collective group of therapies that include acupuncture, ...
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As an educator, Dr. Bernall presents advanced acupuncture, neurology and orthopaedic needling techniques to acupuncture practitioners across the nation.

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Doctor Bernall will keep you up to date with the latest research in Chinese medicine, Functional medicine, pain sciences, nutrition and much more. Be sure to visit frequent.

Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy & LED Light Therapy – A Synergistic Model

Microcurrent resonates with the body's own electrical properties. It increases the body's own ATP by 500%. It decreases inflammation, promotes blood flow. In ...
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Acupoint Ozone Therapy

Acupoint Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone. Have you noticed the aroma in the air after a thunderstorm? If so, then you've smelled ozone ...
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Fibromyalgia -

Fibromyalgia –

What is FM? Fibromyalgia (FM), is a term used to identify a group of symptoms that include generalized pain within ...
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I have now lost over 85 pounds

11 months ago, I went to see Dr. Bernall for some acupuncture treatments. I was suffering from RA and read that acupuncture was an excellent treatment. When I entered his office, I was completely at ease with the serenity of the office and Dr. Bernall’s demeanor. After some conversation, Dr. Bernall felt acupuncture was not the solution to my problem. He made several recommendations on alternative things I should try. I listened to him and followed his directions and 11 months later, I have now lost over 85 pounds, feeling wonderful and most of my RA symptoms have been relieved.
Dr. Bernall could have just proceeded with acupuncture treatment, charged me and let me go on my way. Instead, Dr. Bernall, a man of high integrity, helped me in a way that I had to stay on top of my own health. I was in control and he gave me the tools to achieve my goal. I cannot thank him enough. He is an amazing man and I will be forever grateful to him.

Lynda Anne Fisher ~ 2019/01/29

So very pleased!

Just walking in the office is soothing and comforting. Dr. B is so professional and effective. I have knee problems - especially up & down stairs. He has done wonders with my mobility. My knees no longer hurt, I can fully extend both legs and I'm comfortable on stairs. Beyond that, he's even noticed that I was congested and cleared that up. I've been seeing him off and on for 5 years and have always left pleased with the results.

 Debbra W ~ June 23 2016

2nd Successful Experience

I first tried acupuncture back in 2008 because I had struggled on & off with back pain for many years. After acupuncture with Fernando Bernall, back pain became a thing of the past. Then last year, I injured my left knee which resulted in mobility issues for months. Finally, I tried acupuncture again with Dr. Bernall & once again, I am healing fine!!! I've been to other acupuncturists without success when he moved away from St. Augustine, so I do not think that one size fits all. He is an amazing practitioner & I have recommended him to friends who also concur

Jean P ~ June 23 2016

Amazing results

Myself, my daughter and my husband have gone to Fernando for various medical issues, and I can tell you that he has been "spot on" every single time. As a result, we anticipate healing and relief whenever we book an appointment and the outcomes are always impressive . I recommend him to friends, coworkers and strangers as well and the reports are all positive . One word describes how you will feel when you leave his office ... grateful!

Paula W ~ July 17 2016

Dr. Bernall, a skilled, knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist

I have seen Dr. Bernall for the past several years for a variety of issues, including sciatic pain, lower lumbar pain, depression, low grade infection in the hip and post hip replacement pain. I have received excellent benefit from his services and care. Dr. Bernall takes the time to get to know his patients holistically, not just for a specific issue - this allows him to tailor his treatment to the individual. He has worked in this field for many years and brings a broad base of knowledge and experience to his patients. I recommend Dr. Bernall without reservation.

Randy M ~ August 5 2016