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Kettlebells: What Are They?

They look like cannonballs with handles. They come in different “poods”; one pood being 16 kilograms or around 35+ pounds. The “Beast” weighs around 3 poods or 48kg = 106lbs; a real monster. They come from the Highlands of Scotland and a Russian dictionary dating back to 1704 calls them “girya”. We call them “Kettlebells”. Read More

Gong Fu

The term “Gong Fu” aka “Kung Fu”, can be roughly translated to: “skill acquired through practice”, and its general use in the West, which departs from the etymological meaning of the Chinese characters, is in reference to the martial arts. In the following, I will attempt to share with you some of my current views Read More

The SpiralFlow Method of Joint Mobility for Baby Boomers

In 2009, the first boomers turned 65 and every 8 seconds a boomer turns 50, making it the fastest growing demographic group in America currently numbering around 78 million strong. The Boomer Generation has come to age.

Kettlebell and Tai chi Fusion

In this little video I share with you how I incorporate kettlebells into many of Tai chi’s sequences or postures.