At Bernall's Acupuncture our goal is to provide professional holistic health care and acupuncture services to the Saint Augustine and St. Johns County residents and businesses.

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Treatment of Ingrown toenail [blog video]

in this video I’ll be sharing with you an old method to treat early stages of an ingrown toenail that I learned as a young boy in my native Colombia. Please understand that this was totally improvised and filmed right on the spot. in actual clinical practice, the treatment is done with better tools.

The SpiralFlow Method of Joint Mobility for Baby Boomers

In 2009, the first boomers turned 65 and every 8 seconds a boomer turns 50, making it the fastest growing demographic group in America currently numbering around 78 million strong. The Boomer Generation has come to age.

The Qi Gong Connection To The Sun: Human Photosynthesis

In this series of articles, I will humbly attempt to share with you my thoughts on the meaning of Qi Gong (氣功). I take full responsibility and ownership of any mistakes and misunderstandings, and none of these should reflect on what my teachers have taught me. These are solely my own interpretations from over 30 Read More

Celestial Stem Qi Gong Workshop in St. Augustine

On May 19-20, 2012 – I will be offering a two-day workshop in Saint Augustine, on the ancient system of Qi Gong known as Tian Kan or Celestial Stem. The system consists of 24 short postures that will, with practice, strengthen the spine while giving it pliability and overall rejuvenation. More information can be found Read More